Privacy and Data Processing Information


Processing and protection of personal data (cookies) in Adverticum AdServer



Adverticum Zrt. carries out advertising service activities for its partners / clients in the form of application services, and uses / processes the data of the Internet users only to the extent required for the service, for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual obligation and thus has a "legitimate interest".


Adverticum Zrt. guarantees the protection of the data processed during the service of the server, it does not pass the data on to external systems, it would not be transferred to third parties, and Adverticum does not build its own product or database from the data.

What personal information and for what purpose do we process in Adverticum AdServer?

Adverticum AdServer, during the service, uses IP addresses and browser identifiers (cookies), the data processed through the service are data related to these identifiers that are relevant to interactions and advertisements with advertisers on the Internet, and they refer to the activity of Internet users on that website. Such data, for example, the adview (the view of the ads), the technical features of the device(s) used by the Internet user, or some parts of the user’s IP address.


Adverticum AdServer processes the aforementioned data for statistical purposes only, makes statistics available to its customers, access to personal data for Internet users is out of the question.


In addition to statistics, web activity related to served ads is also used for ad serving targeting features, to allow internet users to get advertisements optimized by campaign managers.


Adverticum AdServer does not store client and site data or server communication required for serving, the browser stores the unique identifier (adverticum user ID) sent by the system in identifications.  The storage locations in case of the cookies are the actual host and, in case of the localstorage and sessionstorage is the actual host.

How will and Internet user become Adverticum user? 

Adverticum AdServer based on the status of the user’s browser differentiate


  • Unknown user/device
  • User/device being under identification
  • Identified user/device
  • DNT or Opt-out user/device

In case of unknown user or device there is no stored ID or data by Adverticum Adserver.

In case of a user being under identification the adserver has not yet given the user a unique ID, but in a near future moment it will happen. In case of the already identified user, a unique identifier generated by Adverticum AdServer is permanently stored.


In case of DNT (Do Not Track) or Opt-out user, the user specifically ordered that the adserver should not store any data and should not assign any kind of identification.

How can a user order Adverticum AdServer not to store any data/identification about them? 

Adverticum Zrt. Respects and compulsorily applies the European Union's General Data Protection Policy (GDPR) on themsleves, which naturally provides the possibility for Internet users who are in contact with Adverticum AdServer to decide that adserver should not store any information about them and that is should not associate the browser they use with any unique identification.


If you want Adverticum AdServer not to identify the browser you are using on your device, please visit and click on "Disable AdServer Cookies" . You can also find detailed information on the purpose and functionality of Adverticum cookies on this site.


If you want Adverticum AdServer not to store any interaction with your ads, activity on your web in relation with you browser during using the internet please visit and verify that what parameters your browser has to offer. Here you can check your browser’s settings for the so-called DNT function. If the DNT function is enabled in your browser, then the "Do not follow" command is used, and the ad server does not store information about the browser you are using.

The Adverticum Zrt. is a member of the IAB Hungary which is a member of IAB Europe within the framework of the Hungarian Advertising Association, and the international Interactive Avertising Bureau (IAB) professional organization of domestic representative. 

If you need more information, or have questions, comments on data protection and data processing processes, please contact us at