Adverticum Goa3 code


The Goa3 (goAdverticum 3) is a new invocation code (tag) available since 2009, it was developed for the AdServer system. 

The Goa3 is provided along with AdServer for our users, it is based on completely different terms than the earlier invocation codes of Adverticum. During design of the new serving system we have focused on creating a system that is capable of adapting to the recent and upcoming online trends, firm but at the same time it can be adjusted fast to variable needs. 

Main parameters of Goa3

More targeting options and display types are available with this tag. Further advantages of the Goa3 tag are: more accurate user tracking and faster ad serving by sending only one request/page download to the AdServer even if there are more zone tags in the page.

  • Displaying ads along with the site's content
  • Zone priority
  • More flexible ad serving system
  • Goa3 display types
    • Interstitial
    • Preroll/postroll
    • Floating skyscraper
    • Sticky
    • Multi expand
    • Layer
    • Peeloff
    • Scroll
    • Sidekick
    • Filmstrip
    • Slider
    • Billboard
    • Swimmer
    • Video overlay

Beyond the above mentioned, unique templates can be created, for example Offer with picture.

Special targeting options

By applying Goa3 tag the traditional targeting options (target to days/hours, frequency settings, custom targeting, domain targeting, etc.) are amended with the followings:

  • Mobile

    In case of mobile devices you can target to mobile operating systems, manufacturer or type of device and screen resolution.

  • GeoIP

    Banners can be targeted to geographical locations based on the IP address: countries all over the world are available options. 

  • Banner exclusion, competitor exclusion

    It can be set that the campaign's banners or the advertiser's banners should not be displayed in more zones on the same page, or the appearance of chosen advertisers can be excluded. 

  • URL address

    Banners can be targeted to the strings or parameters of the URL address, so they appear only if those are written in the URL address, for example if the banners are in connection with the content of the page.

  • Keywords used in search engines (Query parameters)

    By this option users would be reached based on their used keywords in search engines like Google.

  • Adverticum M.O.R.E. - retargeting, remarketing

    The Adverticum M.O.R.E. is an optimized targeting technology based on the reaction of users, it involves retargeting and other behaviour based targeting options.