Mobile Extra

Adverticum AdServer serves ads and measures their effectiveness on mobile devices, too. With the centralized mobile targeting solution and newly acquired WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) database, targeting and optimization of mobile campaigns are more efficient and easier with Adverticum AdServer.

The new Mobile Extra provides a more advanced and cutting-edge mobile targeting potential to our clients, with its bigger, constantly updated database and more diverse targeting variables.

Advantages and efficiency of mobile web and inApp ad serving:

  • simple handling of traditional and mobile campaigns, inApp ads in one system
  • compatible with most of the mobile devices and their softwares
  • priority and weight regulation options for more efficient campaign running
  • serving ads in the browsers of phone and tablets and in the installed aplications’ interfaces
  • IAB Rising Stars diplay forms (Full Page Flex, Adhesion, Pull, Slider)
  • detailed, real-time statistics provide the campaings’ monitoring

Mobile targeting based on: 

  • Constantly updated WURFL database (WirelessUniversalResouceFiLe)
  • Mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.)
  • screen resolution
  • Device manufacturer and type
  • M.O.R.E. (Marketing Optimization of Reactions of End-users)
  • serving mobile campaigns by location in applications