M.O.R.E. (Marketing Optimization by Reactions of End-users)


The M.O.R.E. service is similar to the solutions called retargeting or remarketing but M.O.R.E. provides more functions in the Adverticum AdServer. By means of the new technology it is accurately traceable how the user react to a website or a specific banner. Behind M.O.R.E. there is a development summarizing technological innovations that are amending cookie-based targeting with further solutions. This way targeting becomes more reliable and efficient. 


  • Storing more data about the user than a cookie does
  • Identifiable unique user in case of deleted cookie or the usage of different Internet browsers
  • More secure storage

Recently available M.O.R.E. options:

  • monitoring zones (placements) - retargeting, remarketing
  • monitoring creatives - sequences

Monitoring zones (placements)

By using M.O.R.E. you can place and monitor zones (placements) so your campaign's ads will appear if the set conditions are fulfilled regarding the viewing of zones (placements). This method can be applied otherwise, when the user has not seen the given zone or has not been on the given website, then the targeted banner will be displayed. 

Monitoring creatives

This other kind of M.O.R.E. targeting connects the serving of the banner to the viewing of given banners, but it can work otherwise when the user has not seen the given banner yet. It is a possible setting that if a user does not click on a banner, then another kind of banner from the same goal will be displayed for her/him.

B* container is the base of M.O.R.E.

The visitor sensed by the Goa3 insertion code is marked with a unique identifier by the system. The B* container stores data about the identified user regarding his/her behaviour and targeting can be set based on that. When targeting to a user, the system decides during serving the ads which ad can appear for the given user based on the data stored in the B* container.


  • more data can be stored about the user than the cookie does
  • more secure storage