Serving files fast, safely and cost-efficiently!

Our renewed service makes the serving process flexible with a new administration interface and automated file uploading. The Power Hosting is the perfect solution to serve a lot creatives, video banners side by side.

The Adverticum’s market leader ad serving system's servers are able to serve 16 billion ads every month, so through this server park you can forward large files fast and safely to more than a thousand computers at the same time.

The user-friendly administration interface makes the usage fast and simple after the registration and contracting.

Our service is specifically advantageous for agencies and advertisers, if they would like to make larger files or video ads available for more than thousands of users at the same time, but they do not own the needed hardver means.

Main parameters:

  • Favourable price
  • Broad bandwidth
  • Serve for more than 1000 clients simultaneously
  • 99,5% availability (you do not have to be afraid of banners or files would be not available because technical difficulties)
  • Automated file uploading: we are providing the opportunity for users to use an online administration interface and upload/edit files easily, if the content of the file should be changed. 
  • Support in English and Hungarian language

Request for our service on the PowerHosting website by registration, or at the powerhosting@adverticum.com e-mail address.