Adverticum AdServer


Adverticum AdServer is an independent third party ad serving platform that helps managing your campaigns, optimizing your inventory and analyzing the results to maximize advertising revenue.

Maximize efficiency and revenues with Adverticum AdServer!

Main parameters:

  • Scalable pricing based on the usage
  • Online access to the administration interface, no need to install any hardware or software component
  • Web, mobile and video campaigns are manageable on a joint interface
  • Monitoring and managing the available inventory
  • Real-time statistics and campaign optimization
  • 99,5% Service Level Agreement
  • 0–24 support in English and Hungarian

Targeting possibilities:

  • GeoIP targeting
  • Custom targeting for the media owner’s user database
  • Targeting to mobile platforms
  • Conversion tracking
  • M.O.R.E. (Marketing Optimization by Reactions of End-users) – retargeting

Creative formats:

  • IAB standard display types
  • IAB Rising Stars Branding Units
  • IAB Mobile Rising Stars Branding Units
  • Customized, uniquely developed own display template possibilities

Statistics, campaign report:

  • Real-time statistics
  • Real time tracking of the campaign performance
  • Campaign report (custom campaign with charts and diagrams)

Other services:


Adverticum AdServer is developed considering IAB recommendations.