About cookies

The cookie placed by Adverticum AdServer

Adverticum's ad serving system, the Adverticum AdServer displays ads on several websites and during serving it places Adverticum AdServer cookies and other client-sided containers on you computer.

But what is a cookie exactly?

The cookie is a text file that contains random numbers and characters by which the system can identify your browser but it's not capable of identifying you as a person.

What is cookie good for?

Due to cookies the AdServer service's quality could be significantly improven and they hold advantages not only for advertisers but for users as well. By using containers relevant, less intrusive ads appear for them they could be interested in.

The AdServer stores information in the cookie about the ads that you have seen before. Thanks to these information it can control for example that the users would only see an ad once that covers the whole page, or if the user has shopped in a webshop before, then later that webshop's banners would appear for him/her.


The Adverticum AdServer does not collect or store personal information. Adverticum does not forward the collected information to a third party and is operating by respecting the terms of use and data policy.

Expressing opt-out intention toward the Adverticum AdServer containers

If you would not like to receive AdServer cookies (other containers) to your computer, you can choose opt-out. You can do this on this page.