The AdServer statistics provides an overall picture about the effectiveness of all the campaigns and banners in one click.

You can monitor the running campaigns and optimize the settings if needed.

  • Real-time statistics
  • Statistical report of the campaigns can be based on different grouping and decoupling
  • Campaign audit – every advertiser could have online access to his/her statistical reports so he/she can monitor the results and modify the campaigns according to the efficiency indicators
  • Automatic e-mail notification with the current statistical report
  • Presentation in tables and charts
  • Downloadable results in Excel or CSV format

The renewed statistics option of Adverticum AdServer makes it possible to analyze campaigns and their elements right away. The statistics provide information about the efficiency of the ads during or after the campaign’s running.

You can request statistics about these objects:

  • campaigns - you can request statistics about more than one campaign at the same time.
  • banners
  • goals
  • zones

The renew statistics interface provides detailed statistics about the campaigns run in AdServer in a new form with attractive visual templates.