Company history

About Adverticum

Adverticum Ltd. is the developer and operator of Hungary’s market leading online ad serving solution, the Adverticum AdServer. Our system is available in Hungarian and in English. We have international clients from Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia. The Adverticum AdServer is a well-known and widely acknowledged application with its modern technology and various functionality.

The company was found in 2001 to develop and operate reliable online marketing technologies in a professional way.

Services of Adverticum have been market leader for 15 years regarding to online marketing tools. Beside the ad serving technology, new and innovative solutions have been appeared.

The dynamic of serving ads have not been decreased yet. The system serves 5-600 million ads to 5 millions internet users daily and 16 billion ads monthly.


János Vértes, chairman

Hédy Szabó, CEO

Ágnes Henger, CFO

Szutor Ferenc, deputy CEO