Video solutions


Because of the popularity of online videos, the moving picture banners have become one of the most important advertising form on the Internet. By using this solution the users can be reached at the advertising spaces and during playing online videos too. 


By using the videobanner solution you can place moving picture creatives in the advertising zones. These kind of ads have more significant influence on users than the traditional static or Flash ads.

  • On the admin interface every adjustment can be made, there is no need to request another service
  • The behaviour of the banner can be customized
  • PowerHosting service


By displaying ads before or after playing the video you can achieve higher conversion than with traditionally embedded ads. Another advantage of this advertising form is that the users are reached in a a different environment.


This type of diplay provides unique video appearance where the creative appears as an embedded ad, but if the video content gets activated by clicking on the play button, a same video will also be playing in form of a transparent full-screen layer (overlay). This display type could be applied with Flash or Markup banner in AdServer. Technical details for AdServer users: Support

VAST video serving

With the VAST standard it is possible to run that kind of video ads in the AdServer which are served in a novel way. If the IAB standard, which is made for the VAST video serving, is integrated into the video players of online video sharing sites, they can serve the in-stream ads easily and in an effective way through the adservers.

There are two ways of serving:

  • Linear: the ad is enclosed to the video playing in a certain part of the video (based on time). Supported file formats: FLV, MP4, MPEG, QUICKTIME, WEBM, WMV
  • Non-linear: pop-up, static ad during the playing (image). Supported file formats. JPG, PNG, GIF
The advantages of the Adverticum AdServer’s video solutions:
  • On the admin interface every adjustment can be made, there is no need to request another service
  • Supporting the following players: YouTube, Vimeo, FlowPlayer
  • all targeting options are available

The continually expanding video advertising market is an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach their target group at new places and Adverticum AdServer provides every opportunity.