Campaign management


Save money, time and energy by entrusting our professional team with managing Your campaigns!

Adverticum undertakes to manage, launch and handle online banner campaigns. This service is available for our clients who have Adverticum AdServer service contract and they order the option of campaign management. We equally provide this service for publishers, agencies, advertisers, companies and networks. 


  • Cost-efficient because there is no need to employ own human resources
  • Saves time because there is no need to learn the technology of Adverticum AdServer
  • Continuous campaign-optimization
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the system

Campaign management service packs

1. Occasional order:
  • Implementing one element of managing a campaign (e.g. launching, modifying, statistics) or managing one campaign from the beginning until the end.
  • In case of occasional order there is no need to sign another contract, the fee will be determined by the number of work hours spent by the Adverticum’s campaign manager.
2. Campaign management packs:
  • 160 hours/month campaign management
  • 80 hours/month campaign management
  • 50 hours/month campaign management
  • 25 hours/month campaign management

Every pack contains:

  • Starting campaigns
  • Modifying campaigns
  • Online access to AdServer to monitor campaigns
  • Weekly campaign notifications and at the end of the campaign in e-mail

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