Privacy policy

Adverticum AdServer values the privacy of users, members and other who visit and use our ad serving solution.

Identified users

If a website contains ads served by the Adverticum AdServer, our system orders unique ID to the given device which will be stored in cookies other storages. This identifier is a text file that contains pseudo random numbers and characters by which the system can identify your browser but it's not capable of identifying you as a person, or your device per se.

Client-side data storage

The unique identifier, the ad impressions’ identifiers and their inspection date are stored in the user’s computer in order to manage the frequency of the ads. The system sends the data during serving per request and in this way the ad will not appear more than required.

Data storage

As an adserver we store the statistics of the served ads which show the generated ad impressions, user IDs (in case of clicking), IP addresses, clicking date, websites’ URL (where the user clicked). Moreover the performance of the banner interactions are also saved – e.g. the close of banners (by click).

We use the stored data to generate statistics from them which show the results aggregated and help our clients in the valuation of their creatives and campaigns.

The Adverticum Adserver only stores personal data, if the user has previously given consent. This is by using our partners’ (sites who use Adveticum Adserver) services, and by agreeing to the terms of those services, in order to deliver personalised advertisement. We do not process personal data.

DNT and Opt-out users

If you would not like to receive AdServer cookies (and other containers) to your computer, you can choose opt-out. To do this you need to click on the button below. This places a cookie in your browser and by that our ad serving system will know that you have chosen to forbid the collection of these kind of information about you. This refers to the frequency data, too.

Do Not Track (DNT) function can be activated most likely in the browser's settings.

If you would like to choose Opt-out, visit our Opt-out page here: